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Kinesiology tape is one element of potential rehabilitation treatment from a Sports Therapy session.


The tape was first invented by a Japanese chiropractor Kenzo Kase in the 1970’s. The tape (which is often seen in bright colours on elite athletes) is placed along muscles, ligaments and tendons as desired to help a tissue recover from injury or to provide proprioceptive feedback to get a muscle firing again. In some instances it is also thought that taping can help alleviate fatigue in muscles.


The tape is made up of a unilaterally stretchy fabric (it gets longer but not wider) with a strong, heat activated adhesive that allows the tape to stay in place for the usually recommended period of 4-5 days.


The idea of the tape is that it causes a slight wrinkling in the skin which then gives more space to the tissues underneath. This allows freer movement of fluids, so the tape is particularly good for removing swelling and bruising from an area. It is also felt that there can be an improvement in the range of movement of a properly taped muscle.


In addition there are two nerve related benefits – firstly the increased space created by the tape causes less pressure on nerve endings which cause pain after an injury. Secondly the tape stimulates the mechanoreceptors in an area, and so with thoughtful application, the tape can encourage the wearer into altered movement patterns or posture.


If you are particularly interested in kinesiology taping or wondering if it might be appropriate for you, then feel free to contact me.




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Kinesiology taping

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